Haas Center

Strategic Planning

The Haas Center has experience in strategic planning with a diverse range of stakeholders, including regional municipalities and cities, regional and state organizations, and private companies. Our aim is to provide our clients with realistic, adaptable and measurable plans that build on their communities’ strengths and capitalize on potential opportunities. We will build an approach that is specific to your community, but will include comprehensive socio-economic data analysis, community and stakeholder engagement, goal setting, SWOT analyses, recommendations and implementation plans. In addition, we can also create target industry studies, workforce analyses and demand forecasting studies.

An ongoing endeavor is our work with Northwest Florida Forward: A Regional Strategy for Economic Transformation (NWFF), in partnership with Florida’s Great Northwest, which provides a holistic set of goals, strategies, and actions designed to ensure economic vitality through new investment and job creation, as well as the enrichment of the region’s talent base, innovation ecosystem, infrastructure, and quality of place. Please see the Technical Report at Northwest Florida Forward.

Another major example is the “2014 Six Pillars Economic and Community Development Strategic Plan for the Town of Century, Florida (Century Strategic Plan).” The Town of Century commissioned the Haas Center to create an economic development strategic plan as part of the Comprehensive Planning Technical Assistance Grant Program, administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. The Century Strategic Plan was conducted over the course of a year and utilized a multi-stage process including the development of socio-economic demographic profiles, analyses of both the local and regional markets, the collection of input from four stakeholder focus groups, and an analysis of the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), which were used to form the economic and community development strategic plan that is now in its third year of implementation.

Case Study Example: Town of Century: 2014 Six Pillars Community Economic Strategic Plan