Haas Center

Data Services

The Haas Center believes a deep understanding of data is the key to successful strategic decision making.  Data analytics allow businesses to make informed decision, provide objective answers to business questions and take the guesswork out of the process.  The Haas center utilizes a variety of data analytic strategies and tools to offer our clients superior business intelligence.

Data Mining

The Haas Center utilizes data mining techniques to sort through data volumes, identify hidden patterns and establish relationships within data that will solve business problems. Our data analysts employ techniques in association rules, clustering, classification, regression and forecasting algorithms to discover patterns in data that provide diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics for our clients.

Advanced Analytics

The Haas Center offers advanced analytics that enable customers to conduct what-if analyses to predict the effects of changes in business strategy.  Complex statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques are used to identify patterns in data and make predictions about future behaviors.

Data Visualization

The Haas Center aims to help our clients understand the significance of data through data visualizations.  We utilize industry leading tools to develop infographic reports, visualizations, and dashboards that tell data stories anyone can understand.