Haas Center

Fall ​Forum 

The ​Haas ​Center ​Fall ​Forum ​is ​a ​half-day ​event ​​curated ​by ​the ​University ​of ​West ​Florida's ​Haas ​Center ​and ​the ​Division ​of ​Research ​and ​Strategic ​Innovation. ​Our ​goal ​is ​to ​bring ​together ​bright ​minds ​and ​exciting ​vendors ​to ​give ​data-driven ​talks ​to ​a ​diverse ​audience ​of ​economic ​developers, ​business ​and ​non-profit ​leaders ​and ​staff, ​and ​community ​members. ​Forum ​attendees ​will ​leave ​with ​a ​clear ​sense ​of ​how ​to ​use ​data ​to ​better ​tell ​their ​story. ​

Agenda for Fall Forum on September 26, 2019:

8:00 ​- ​9:15 ​am ​ Full Breakfast Buffet, Sponsored by Gulf Power

8:30 ​- ​9:15 ​am ​ Fortifying Florida: Robust Community Growth and Leveraging Meaningful Data,
FL ​DEO Executive ​Director, ​Ken ​Lawson

9:15 ​- 10:00 ​am ​​​Executive Briefings on Workforce and Talent Development 
Dr. ​Michelle ​Horton, ​Interim ​Assistant ​Vice ​President, ​Online ​Innovation ​
​and ​Director, ​Complete ​Florida ​| ​Division ​of ​Research ​and ​Strategic ​​​Innovation, ​UWF

Gary Wiesner, General Manager - GE Renewables, Pensacola

Jonathan Arneault, Director of IBM North America SaaS, Center of Excellence, and Go-To-Market Transformation

10:00 ​- ​10:15 ​am ​ Networking Break 

10:00 ​- ​11:00 ​am ​ National Leadership Keynote: Advancing Manufacturing and Logistics to Diversify the Region's Economy
Tom Ridge, Chairman ​Ridge Global, first Department of Homeland Security Secretary, former Governor of Pennsylvania

11:00  ​- ​11:45 ​am ​ ​  Using Data to Understand Labor Markets
​Jennifer ​Hackman, ​Economic ​Modeling ​Specialists, ​Inc. ​(Emsi)

11:45 ​- ​1:00 pm ​ ​  Lunch Buffet, Sponsored by Santa Rosa EDO

12:15 ​- ​1:00 ​pm ​ ​  Hurricane Michael's Aftermath: How Leaders are Making Decisions to Improve Outcomes 
​Moderator - Sandy Sims, Gulf Power; Mike Myhre, FSBDC; Becca Hardin, Bay EDA; David Berlan, FSU

Fall ​Forum ​registration's ​normal ​rate ​is ​$150.

Census ​Business ​Builder ​Workshop ​is ​available ​for ​$25. ​

If ​you're ​interested ​in ​both ​events ​please ​note ​that ​they ​must ​be ​registered ​for ​separately. ​However, ​once ​you ​complete ​one ​registration ​and ​save ​your ​profile ​information, ​you ​are ​able ​to ​quickly ​and ​easily ​complete ​the ​registration ​of ​the ​second. ​

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