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*ROI estimate: $17.20 return for every $1 spent.
Cost to library users  or user investment:
Cost to use alternatives to library:
Community economic benefits lost:
Lost use benefits:
Total net benefit:
Economic return:
County Demographics:
Median Household Income:
Library Revenue:
Per capita revenue Santa Rosa County:
Per capita revenue Florida:
Per capita revenue United States:
If public library revenue  were redirected to other government entities, Santa Rosa County would LOSE:
Gross County Product (npv):
Personal Income (npv):
Average annual jobs produced:
Gross County Product increase for every dollar spent:
Income increase for every dollar spent:
* based on state per capita survey data from surveys performed in the fall of 2009.
Demographic data from Alteryx, 2009 estimates.
Adult population for the state of FLorida in 2008 used in per capita calculations.


Your personal economic Return On Investment (ROI):
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About the Calculator
The personal return on investment calculator uses survey data collected during the Florida taxpayer return on investment study.  The study reported total county numbers.  These numbers were turned into per library visit numbers by dividing the total county number by the number of annual visits to the library in that county.  For example, total revenue investment – the money spent by the county on the library – was turned into per visit revenue by dividing the total revenue by the number of visits.  Total economic return – the dollar benefit a user receives by using a public library instead of having to buy the information themselves – was turned into a per visit number in the same way.

Using the per visit revenue investment for each county as the cost of having a public library and then comparing to the per visit economic return as the benefit, the calculator allows the user to enter the number of times they visit the library annually to see what their personal benefit has been.

Example: Leon County – 5 visits to the library (in-person) last year
Revenue Per Visit : $5.52 x 5 visits = $27.60
Return Per Visit: $58.93 x 5 visits  = $294.65
ROI Per Visit: $9.67 x 5 visits = $48.35



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